YMCK Player


  • You can play the keyboard with any tunes in your iPod Library (or “Music” for iPod Touch) playing background.
  • Just slide your finger on the keyboard to perform splendid solo phrases.
  • The Key/Scale Assignment Function frees you from making mistones.
  • Tilt the device to apply an emotional vibrato.
  • The Song-Included Version features YMCK's new song “Music Flowing”, exclusively written for this App!

How to play

[Basic Operation]
  • Choose a song from your iPod Library (or “Music Flowing” for iPod Touch) by tapping Song Select Button(the note shaped button).
  • Slide your finger on the keyboard to start playing. Of course you can play keyboard when your iPod tune is not playing, too.
  • If you feel the keyboard and the iPod tune are not matching very well, pull the Drawer out from the right and tap Key/Scale Buttons to adjust the key and scale of the keyboard. You can also control the timbre and the volume on the Drawer.
  • Tilt the device to the back to apply vibrato. Tilt to the side to scroll the keyboard. When scrolling the keyboard the note automatically goes up/down.
  • You can choose the keyboard size and scroll direction on the Control Panel (tap the gear icon to open).
[Advanced Operation]
  • When you have found the best key and scale for a song you can save the key/scale information as the automation data by opening the editor from the Control Panel. As the automation data is in ascii text format you can easily copy & paste from other application.
  • “Music Flowing”, the built-in-App song, is ready with the automation for you to play in the optimal key/scale immediately.


Playable Tunes Any songs in your iPod Library (or “Music Flowing” for iPod Touch) + 1 built-in-App song* (*Song-Included Version only)
Sound Capability 1 Music file player + 1(monophonic) synthesizer
Synthesizer Timbres 3 8bit-type oscillator waves(square, pulse, triangle)
Key Assignment 12 keys
Scale Assignment 8 kinds (Blues/Diatonic/Altered/Harmonic Minor/Spanish/Arabic/Pentatonic/Okinawa)
Keyboard Size Selectable from 3 sizes (small/medium/large)
Key/Scale Automation As many steps as your iPhone/iPod's storage available
Acceleration Function X direction = keyboard scroll, Y direction = vibrato


YMCK Player

YMCK Player

Download URL varies depending on your country.
Please search the "YMCK PLayer" on your iTunes Stores (App Store).
Normal versionWith song version

  • Normal version
  • With song version


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